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Rock and Roll - NY 1973

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on December 23, 2008 - 2:06pm

"Rock and Roll" performed live in New York 1973, from "The Song Remains the Same".

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Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973
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I don't know if any of the guys actually get this, but just in case one of them does...please, PLEASE, for the sake of rock-n-roll & all of music in general, PLEASE somehow, manage to get on the same page (no pun intended) & go on a WORLD TOUR! I know some of you, (Bob), may have your reservations, but honestly, for the sake of humanity in general, don't deprive the world, potential future musicians & Led Zeppelin lovers the chance that the Beatles denied their followers. There was never another band like you, nor has there been since. Jimmy, you inspired me to learn guitar & actually start taking lessons at the ripe old age of 38. Led Zeppelin was already done when you were that age. Think of it. Every day that passes is another opportunity lost. None of us are getting any younger. You're doing the human race a great dis-service by depriving them of your art. I hate to bring this down to something as disgusting as money, but talks. Do you realize the numbers you'd bring in? You'd sell out multiple nights in every city. In the depths of the recession people would pay whatever it took to see the might Zeppelin. Come on guys, the world needs you. I wanna bring my daughters to see the greatest band that ever was.

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i love Led Zeppelin, even though i never saw them play live. im 15 and i still love their music. they're the best band that ive seen so far. they had the perfect vocal, the lead guitar was amazing, the driving bass, and the monster drums. i play bass and guitar and as a fellow musician, i know that in order to write these songs and parts (for bass, guitar, and drums), it must've taken virtuosos to do it in such a way that 2 generations later, we're still loving the music. I wish i had lived during the 60's and 70's and seen my idols play live.

juliet's picture

muy buena la rola :) i love it

Alessandro's picture

la vera storia della musica è questa!!

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Connie's picture

Amazingly Fresh and full of Power.

steve catlin's picture

the best concert they ever did !

Hugh James Callaghan's picture

All hail the "Mighty Led Zep!!!!!!!!!

Lori's picture

quant'è bello Jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

vio-led :)'s picture

awesome :)

Jimmy page fan's picture

best damn song ever

Ozzy Osgood's picture

Brings back memories of watching this concert at a friend's house on tape. By the way when I sing this, if my voice ain't quite up to it, I use Robert Plant's interpolation from this concert. (I do a lot better if it's downtuned a full step though!)

Sid hooper's picture

Truly inspirational

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Best Band of the World!


Le meilleur groupe de rock !
4 p****** de musiciens !
4 genies !
Une musique !
Mais quelle musique!

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i wish i couldve seen them

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I could never say enough........I have loved them since I was 16....(I was a sophomore in high school..........I LOVE THEM..............Just saw Robert and the Band of Joy in Clearwater, Florida.......I have no words.......except if I died Friday night I would have gone to Heaven with a huge smile on my face. Love Love

zoso's picture

the best video ever

Name     Patti's picture

By the way......I should have mentioned I was right in front of the stage at Tampa Stadium, May 5, 1973.......................IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

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muy bueno el grupo las kagooo led zeppelin por siempreee

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I was there too. I had 15 years old .

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