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San Diego TV - KFMB News 1.31.77

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on August 15, 2011 - 7:55am


CBS News - KFMB TV. Led Zeppelin ticket sales news report. San Diego 1.31.77 


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Sports Arena - June 19, 1977
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Robert (Butch) Smith's picture

I was a 16 year old stone cold zepp fan i sat in the nose bleed seats and they rocked the the sports arena that night i still talk about the show to this day it will forever be burnt into my memory thx guys ps miss you john Bonom

David Bordeaux's picture

I was 19 years old and got arrested for under age drinking in the parking lot of the sports arena before this show.Never made it inside...spent all night in jail.They arrested 56 people that night.Zep in the 70's!!!!

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