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Seattle 3.17.75

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on May 9, 2010 - 1:38pm


8mm fan footage of Led Zeppelin live in Seattle, March 17, 1975.
(new 2016 digital transfer)

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Seattle Center Coliseum - March 17, 1975
Video Timeline: 


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 The one part of the 1975 Seattle concert was John Bonhams drum solo. I believe in was around 15 minutes.Also I had a friend that was hit with a fire cracker. No serious  damage done.  Most of the night was a bluur. Thanks for playing.. You guy's have always been my favroite group no matter what.


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Drove 6hrs -Pullman (WSU) to Seattle; Noon to about 6pm or so til gates opened LZ played about 4hrs straight. On the floor 2nd row from stage. I took close to 150 frames w/ Kodachrome pushed to 1200 ASA in my Minolta 35mm SRT101 w/ 135mm tele & 2x converter: JIMMY PAGE UR the Master Guitar God!!!!!

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these guys are #1 !!!

john ghosn's picture

Got to the Seattle Coliseum around six o'clock in the morning. First
in line and was in the front row. 2nd time i had seen them. (First time
was in Seattle 1973). Brought my dads 35mm camera. Took pictures.
slides from the front row. Outstanding concert.

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