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Stairway to Heaven (NY 1973)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:35pm

From Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains the Same" dvd

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Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973
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I used to go to Hells Angels parties in the 80's. Everyone would shut up and sit down when this came on the stereo...some things were and still are..sacrosanct. When music was respected, not just listened to.

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es la mejor cancion del todos los tiempos en peru es un himno

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i want to thank you oh so much ! i'm in those years where i live off my past . i seen the zep twice and what think now is so cool is when i tell somebody 20 or 30 years old i was front row center at baltimore convention center in 1971 and recived sweat from robert as he moved around on the small stage infront of us ! people say wow man it must have been great ! makes me feel privy to a event ! it's like i have become a link to that time . so it's true that time after time becomes time a frezze frame in time . I WAS THERE just like the guy who was there an seen the beatles ! important things in our lives . and yes thank you was and is my 1 st pick because my first lay was in the back of a 57 chevy and this was the song that was playing you guys out there who love this group ! ROCK ON In my will it's say music to be played thank you 1st then stair way last . i hope who ever runs this site in afillated with the group . John why did you leave us ? we miss you ! thanks for your time PEACE all LOVE & SMOKE

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o melhor solo da vida do zep

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jimmy page is the best!

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Simply the best of the best

The Incarnation of Stone's picture

Hey Led Zeppelin I just wanna just to say you are the greatest band of all the times thanks for all you have done. Long live Led Zep ! Your Rock'n'Roll forever in our mind ...

Admiration from Stone

Bob's picture

Stairways To Heaven is a visit to Heaven... Unforgetable !! ...

Gogos's picture

I have never listen something better than this before !!!

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nada se le compara

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Jimmy page has inspired me to play better. Cause I used to aonly fool around with the guitar. then I got into led zeppelin. Got a les paul and Now Since I learned some of their stuff I know new strategies. Led Zeppelin Is a Great Inspiration Band. Zoso..

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Stairway to Heaven es la mejor cancion en el mundo!
Stairway to Heaven is the best song ever

Ricky's picture

Led zeppelin is the best band ever and Jimmy Page is the best guitarist ever.I wish I could meet him.His guitar is awesome.Jimmy Page,Robert Plant,John Paul jones and john Bonham make a cool combination.

Alex Mercieca(Malta)'s picture

I was 16 back then oh this was the song we waited for,awesome thanks forever Zep

roy's picture

A great band at the height of their power, terrific!!!

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Brillirant fret work.

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led zeppelin is the greatest band ever....... i wish i could see them live, but i also really want to meet jimmy page, he's my IDOL!!!!!!

rock on led zep

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the solo is fucking yeah

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hands down no dought about it best rock and roll song of all time. you can see jimys puting his soul and heart in every note , there will never be anthore band like them , long live the goods of rock and roll, and rest in pice jhon bohamn . ked zep rules

Turhan Özen's picture

song impressed me a lot

Daniel's picture

The best guitarist,the best band,the bests in all world.

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I first saw zeppelin at the bath and west festival, I think it was 1968, I still have the programme in a cupboard somewhere.I remember they were the star attraction but due to the volume of people there, could not get thru the crowds by road and had to be brought in by helicopter.While waiting for the band to arrive, Donovan had done his performance but was asked to play on until Zeppelin arrived.Now Donovan is O.K but after what seemed an eternity, instead of getting applause he got beer cans, bottles and anything else people could lay there hands on, thrown at him.Zeppelin finally arrived and as usual blew everyone away.My one contact with Zeppelin is I visit John Bonham's memorial grave which is sited not far from where I live, but sadly the pub he used to use in the village of Cutnall Green, the one you see in the video 'The Song Remains The Same, is now an Indian Restuarant.

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They set the bar so high everyone else just stares up at it. Trying to reach it doesn't even cross their minds, (just blows their minds!)

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if u have the old sound track to this filim dont throw it out cause its the original version of the trs sound track also jimmy could u release other nights that u did this performance thanks a lot mike

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to j.m. that was our song! rip bro. jim q.

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this song is better than sex!!

fucking awesome!!!

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It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a 13 year old kid diggin' on the awesome sounds of Zeppelin...All through my years you have been with me and to this day, when in my 4 door car, when I hear you're tunes, does everything seem to stop and not matter for a few precious minutes as I blast my car stereo as loud as it will go and roll down the windows to let the world know I am a proud loyal Zeppelin lfan from years ago as I am transported back for a few brief minutes to the 70's and early 80....

Thank you Zeppelin band mates, I hope life is being kind to each of you through you're journey through life, as true Zeppelin fans are no doubt are getting into our 50's-60's now.

Thank you...!

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Happy Birthday Robert! You' re still the greatest,Led Zeppelin was and still is a fabulous band and you were its main attraction. I had front row tickets in Toronto on July 14th, to see you so up close was truly one of the grearest highlights of my life! You' re beautiful.


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