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Tokyo 1972 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on April 3, 2009 - 3:18pm


8mm clips of Led Zeppelin live in Japan 1972

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Budokan - October 2, 1972
Video Timeline: 


Dan Ryan's picture

Very interesting, they are playing songs off Houses of the Holy that had not even been released yet. 

Vinnie Castaldo's picture

WOW!!!! How Amazing! I wish it was a complete show.

Daisuke Matsuzaka's picture

I was there, a young boy fifteen years old. That is my most impressive and unforgettable memory until I die. Love ZEP!

terrel hobiebrunken's picture

i was in the u.s. air force stationed outside of tokyo at yokota air base. i took the train,subway to see led zepplin at the budokan.i was sitting in the same general area that these 8mm clips were filmed from. i was 21 at the time. i am still waiting and hoping for a reunion tour. come on Robert Plant,just one more tour for us old viewers to witness again!

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