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Tucson 1972 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on December 29, 2009 - 4:10pm


8mm fan footage of Led Zeppelin live in Tucson, AZ 1972 

Is Mobile Content: 
Tucson Community Center - June 28, 1972
Video Timeline: 


Terry hanson's picture

I was there I I was 15 and there with my gal and best friend  it was my birt was my B-day (15th) and Zeppelin wished me happy   Birthday. Long story why it happened but leave it to my                My British Mom.  It was a great concert and great night      

Jennifer's picture

I remember this show well. I was 16 and it blew me away!

Jack's picture

Best rock concert ever. Trippin on lsd25

Ernie Rico's picture

I was there, 4th row left side of the stage, this was the best I seen Led Zepplin ever play. Robert Plant apologized for the concert performance in Phoenix years earlier which I was there. 

hollis's picture

I was 12 years old 10 rows back changed my life.very cool find after 40 plus years thanks for caring !


Manny's picture

I was there!

Name ERG's picture

Wow June 28 1972 was my birthday I was a whole 4 years old amazing just thinkin about the mighty ZEP playing at the same time!

Michael's picture

My vote for best LZ song, tie - Whole lotta love; Black Dog

Brandon's picture

ahh stairway to song ever....

Jim Wilson's picture

I attended this show (2nd row) and my ears rang for 2 days.......but it was a good ring! Tucson was a hot spot for live rock 'n roll in the 1970's - most groups bypassed Phoenix and came to Tucson (not sure why). The Mighty Zep played for close to 2 hours and it was the last show of their 1972 tour. They came to Tucson a couple days after they recorded shows in LA that turned into the "How the West Was Won" album (yes....I said "album" :-). What a treat it was. We saw The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin in 11 days in was a fine summer indeed!

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