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Whole Lotta Love - Promo Video (1997)

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on April 20, 2008 - 6:25pm


"Whole Lotta Love" official promo video (1997).

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André Luiz Cardoso's picture

Adoro Led, pena que eu era criança nesta época.
Mas, agora estou curtindo muito.

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A.R.S.'s picture

Way down inside... you need: LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!
No matter who you are, right? Of course. I got a whole lotta love for y'all.

Kelvin's picture

I think this video and all the video's are the best ever.I hope somewhere there is a god and lets them do one more show.I would pay for that one.

chris's picture

led zeppelin is the best band ever peroid

constantin's picture

incomparable and forever rock

Javier Romo C.'s picture

whole lotta loveeeeeee
whole lotta loveeee
es una cancion muy potenteeee
de la mejor bandaa que ha existido
y existiraaaaaaaaaaaa

Pattty Hovey's picture

wow love you guys always will your the best.

Deb Sycks's picture

I grew up listening to you. I used to see you when you took your boat to SouthBend Washington.You probably do not remember me but I remember you at the Boondocks resturant. Your the best. The best music ever.

Swan Song's picture

Jimmy Mother Fkn Page 4ever!

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Neil Harrison-Scott's picture

After being a lifetime Led Zep fan, I am pleased and very excited over their long awaited reunion. I think this website is "mint as!" and am looking forward, needless to say, rather intrigued by news of any forthcoming gigs, new releases, etc.

george's picture

one of there best songs,hello from kastoria greece!!!

Name jope's picture

i would like to express my inner mind and soul about the greatnes of my idol led zeppelin...what a genius mind and music!!!!its an illusion and expression of who you are!!!tnx led zeppelin !!!!

Phyllis's picture

well you say zepplin lives forever?? well its been close to 50 yrs and they STILL kick ass...


super, extra ça fait du bien....

Tony Street's picture

Is there any question that this is the coolest band ever?

frank- terje olsen's picture

can it ever get better then this? the gods of rock

abel alaniz's picture

i had love led zeppelin since i was about 9 years old and sill loveing them


It's kinda hard to believe that at 52 you can look back and realize that this band is literally a part of who you are. There is none better!! I hear songs now on the radio and I remember each drum beat, riff, all of it. They are and always will be the BEST THERE EVER IS! Hubby bought me "How the West was Won" for Christmas. Printed out CD list so he can get me the rest. If you grew up late 60's early 70's Led Zepplin was the "head" music. They got into your soul and became a part of you....Thanks, guys for all of it. I don't think they know to what extent they played a part in our generation...because I can't be the only one who feels this way and I'm just one old Grandma. I always said, even back then, I'll be in a nursing home sitting in the rocking chair with headphones (well back then we didn't have MP3 or and rocking out to Led Zepplin. Truly a remarkable creative force. With love and thanks, Stephenie Zamora

Steph's picture

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was 15 and I played the Led Zeppelin II vinyl I had just bought at the mall. Good old days.

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Joao Rocha's picture

I am 48 years ,28 with LED ZEPPELIN and steel love it.................

adam martens's picture

If only I was around to see these guys live..... the pioneers of rock & roll

hamza's picture

hi.. led zep i like your styl of rock rather you are the best i like .i'm fan .rober plant with here voice& poem and the mythical jimi page ,without forgotten the referance for beatre ........ i wouldlike see 1 concert..i have listening all the styl rock'n'roll but my heart chose you . but i'm oblige to listened another group because here in Algeria exactly bejaia does not know itself ( you are the best from all times ) see you later .

sandra rosana maia ladeira's picture

Led forever, the best rock - Sandra - Brazil

maria's picture

this is what i call ultimate rock ;)

kostakis21's picture

what can i say?nothing.i think that LED ZEPPELIN is the best rock group all over the favorite song is "WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" and i believe is the best rock song that ever written.


blues andrews's picture

Led Zeppelin that band is the real deal rockinroll I SO WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING EVEN HALF AS GOOD NOWRDAYS YA KNOW

G. Peter Jemison's picture

In the summer of 1969 I saw the group live in Newport RI
it was the second British invasion. Needless to say the whole evening was mind blowing. But I've ever since been a fan of Led.
I've never seen footage of that concert was there any shot officially?
Thanks to you all.


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