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Whole Lotta Love - Promo Video (1997)

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on April 20, 2008 - 6:25pm


"Whole Lotta Love" official promo video (1997).

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Lena's picture

Led Zeppelin Forever!!!!

Bobbie Robinson's picture

Led Zeppelin were really something! It's so sad about the tragedies the band has had to suffer through. I just wish I could have attended their concerts. I envy the people who have seen them up close, & personal!


Jose Ignacio's picture

For Led Zeppelin:

You are the best band of all the times and forever. I have 13 years and I live in Costa Rica a country on Central America and I obtain my first guitar at my 12 years and here in Costa Rica we didn't have concerts of bands with the quality of Led Zeppelin, so it will be like a dream come true if you come to Costa Rica and do a concert. My favorite songs are:"Whole Lotta Love”, “Heartbreaker", “Achilles Last Stand”, “The Wanton Song “, “Stairway to Heaven”,”Carouselambra”, and a lot of songs more( all of your songs are . I have early months playing the guitar and my dreams are to play it like jimmy and begin a band like led Zeppelin, and revive the Rock Roll. “So for me you are the Mothership on the music, and in concert and beyond”

Did and traduced by Jose Ignacio (a Led Zeppelin fan in Costa Rica).


JJM's picture

What can you say other than ........... "the greatest Rock n Roll band ever!!!" Song after song, perfection.

Alex's picture

viva led zeppelin (la mejor banda de la historia)

Nayen's picture

I love Zeppelin's song, I always have( well not always, probably since I was ten xD), and I always will love this songs, just Epic, really magnificent, and with such a level of perfection that is almost incredible to think that humans can produce so great lyrics and epic performances, WOW! I love it ♥

Javier 's picture

I have 42 years and 14 years from now the "year 1982" and then I started listening CODA whole discography Today I'm listening, and I never tire of listening. The truth is that a better song than the other. sound and style seems still as innovative. Greetings.

Tengo 42 años y desde y a los 14 años "año 1982" comencè escuchando CODA y luego toda la discografía Hoy en día los sigo escuchando, y nunca me canso de escucharlos. La verdad que una canciòn mejor que la otra. el sonido y el estilo parece todavìa como innovadora.

Hondo Mamba's picture

Led zeppelin's music is so dear to everyone from all ages. there music is still loved today and is still influencing every aspiring and current musician. Rock on Baby!

Charlie's picture

This is an excellent video!! LED ZEPPELIN FOREVER!!

Pamela Joyner's picture

This Is our Poetry!

petar's picture

1.LED ZEPPELIN,2.GOD,3.All other............

Sharon's picture

AWESOME. Best Band EVER. This even had some clips I'd never seen before. I was blown away in the 70's & still am today!!

Rick @ San Diego's picture

This group jams!!!!
I've seen them 3 times, with Jimmy & the double neck guitar or Robert sitting with Jimmy doing their acostic JAM, "GOING TO CALIFORNIA". This song was a major influence on me.
Thanks to the iPod, I've got them in my pocket.

Gary Dobson's picture

The ultimate rock band in the world - simply the best

Name Toni's picture

Just the best xxxx

Alton Drew's picture

Led Zeppellin is the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Even my eight year old son wants to hear Led.

Alton Drew

jhon morales's picture

lo mejor de lo mejor, y ahora la basura que nos toca escuchar.

edu's picture

led zeppelin es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida

Alaina's picture

great song very inspiring great band

Paola Dominguez's picture

Led Zeppelin are the best performers out there!!!

dave's picture

I quit my job to go with my buddy to stand in line to get tickets to see Led Zepplin in Detroit in early love this band....come on around one more time, you guys!....gimme an excuse to quit this fuck'in job!....

keith danielson's picture

i was there.... lived during that time....1969 was in marine your heart out newbes....

Name  memmo's picture

sono di roma sono pazzo dei led ho pianto tanto guando morì bonhamn nel 1980 siete il più grande gruppo del mondo anche senza jhon, grandi!!!!!

Alex's picture

Good for the music, the real great song of this band, also made much more songs but with this song i´m in love for ever with this band is this song.

Patje Beatle's picture

Sorry Mick & Keith... your band's quiete good, but Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham were above all competition.
Axs the Beatles changed popmusic forever, Led Zeppelin invented hardrock.
Since Bonham's tragical death in 1980 no band in the world came close to the inspiration, the power and the craftmanship of the best rockband ever; LED ZEPPELIN.

Everything they made is in my i-pod, and I listen very often... it's such a pleasure!

Roger's picture

Best of the past, best of the present, best of the future

Dave EH13's picture

What can be said about this masterpiece/song, apart from it is awesome.

Phil's picture

lifelong fan - thanks for the great site! love the video

Marie's picture

Grew up with the Zep. There never will be another. These days of Rock N' Roll have gone forever. The bands of today cannot compare. Old and young alike will agree!!

Rodger Ashton-Smith's picture

I love the music and shows of Led Zeppelin and have been a fan of yours since 1970. I have all of the music of yours that has been released on LPs, CDs and DVDs that I can get over here in NZ and I'm pleased with all of it. Thanks for helping me grow up with your music that has been with me most of my life.


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