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Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:21pm


Led Zeppelin perform "Whole Lotta Love" live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970
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Elad Geva's picture

The best riff in the entire rock history!!

Lucas Perny's picture

John Bonham is best drummer of all time. I play the drums too and John is my idol. This is my drum solo tribute to John

Leen de Koning's picture

This is my first ever record i bought. Still my all time favourite.

soul's picture

this is the first and the last real rockn roll one can explain this,this riffs and vocals have got soul.I think whole lotta love(w.l.l) like to say fuck off your old love. every day I listen w.l.l its the part of my life.

Clifftalica's picture

Led Zeppelin lo mas grande lo mejor que puede haber en la historia del rock, no se mueran nunca!!!!!!!!!!!!

fmtm's picture

Amazing!!!!! This will live forever.

joe gentil's picture

I love led zeppelin.jimmy page is a GOD. how can he play guitar llike that ????? where he learn all this!!!

Michael Albor's picture

Whole Lotta Love Song Still Simply Rocks and the Finest among rock musics! Cheers!!!! :)

Igor's picture

Led Zeppelin - From Russia tith love

Carly Tester's picture

Apart from being incredibly sexy, Jimmy Page could easily be the best guitar player of all time. This cat can do any genre. His solos are groovy...and he's self taught. I love him.

lucas kicot's picture

Fantástico. poderoso . inigualável

Nameluis baques's picture

the best rock band ever

justin whitaker's picture

led zeppelin f ing rocks

James's picture


Anastasis's picture

They are Gods !!!!!

lorenzo casini 's picture

The best rock band of the universe

dawn's picture

The raw energy and power of their live performances from the early days too date show you why they are still the best band in the world.

Cathi's picture

I am glad I got to see this group in 1973, in Philadelphia, PA. And they will always rock.

jaqueline alencar (brasil)'s picture

essa musica é sem comentarios é totalmente genial!!

Freeman's picture

This is a truly clasic rock band. The carrer of the Leds mark the revolution in music that wake up the World from a long dream of rosy music to another dream of magic, This is rock performance at its best and a example to follow for the new boring rock bands of today.

bill farley's picture

Easily the best band of all time, sure wish i saw them. Approachign 50 now and it seems to be a hole in my life I can never fill

snakes&ladders's picture

Cool toon!!! One of my faves after Black Dog of course :)

Jivey's picture

Take a look at the guy standing in the front row with beard at about 2mins 30 secs into the video, that has to be Phil Collins, not sure how old he would have been in 1970, was starting to go bald then.

Clommy's picture

The best band ever

Timmy@2Tone's picture

It's LED ZEPPELIN what else needs to be said?

8Surfer Girl8's picture

Led Zep rules I love all ther songs specialy this one

richie's picture

you guys do rocked after all the years- ROCK ON

Gilberto's picture

the best band !!!!

Márcio D. Queiroz's picture

I love Led Zeppelin
They are simply the best.

Bobbie's picture

Robert plant I love you.........they never would of done it with out you....ur the best....


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