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March 23, 1969

Peterlee, UK

The Argus Butterfly


Songs performed during this period include: Train Kept A Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed And Confused, You Shook Me, How Mnay More Times, Communication Breakdown.


The band was booked to play by promoters Brian Stoker and David Richards:

"We booked Led Zeppelin for £100 and they went down a storm. Everyone loved it and I remember me and Dave had a drink with the lads from the group.

"I was talking to guitarist Jimmy Page and asked if he enjoyed it and he said 'yes' and he would come back. I said what are you doing next month and he said they were playing the Hollywood Bowl, so that was the last we saw of them."

The pair secured the band through a contact at London promotion firm Ellis Wright, which went on to become the Chrysalis music company.

"They also told us they had this solo act and they wanted £100. I said you must be joking because we had Led Zeppelin for £100. I asked his name and he said Elton John and I said no chance am I paying that for a bloke on his own." (courtesy: Hartlepool Today)

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I remenber it well. They by Gary tindle
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