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Achilles Last Stand (Live 1977)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:24pm
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Led Zeppelin video collage of "Achilles Last Stand", from L.A. June 23, 1977.

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One of my favorite Zep songs, too. Jimmy was surrounded with the pyramid of lasers that were rotating about every four beats or so to begin the song and smoke billowed from below him. Just as he completed his opening solo and Bonham hit the drums to start the song, the pyramid of lasers began to spin fast. One moment I was watching Jimmy do his thing with the viola bow and the next the lasers were freaking us all out. Way too cool... Then, someone bumped me on the shoulder and handed me a think I didn't take a hit???


THE BEST BAND BY FAR.................

Xoiuocad's picture

LOVE THIS SONG....u guys goin on tour anytime soon?

Kiran's picture

Jimmy Page is God!

brent morales's picture

brilliant photgraphy

troy's picture

led zeppelin best band ever done a shit load of dope playing zep

Stew's picture

What happened to this kind of feel with hard rock?? Of course, there's no other LZ, but they were the ultimate hard rock band in every catagory. Maybe everyone was so intimidated that they tried too hard to start new vibes and ended up with MTV and 80's hair bands that almost killed solid hard rock groove and feel. Cliche as it is, the visual did take over the music shortly after rock like this was made. Who are the next Zep students to get us back on track?

christian's picture

i think this the greastest song of all time

Name's picture

Number 1 guitarist in the World , I love you jimmy

Roy's picture

Sir, John Bonham RoCKING!! I miss him, :(

Nick Marolias's picture

The gods of rock !!!

touchdown's picture

I missed them in Feb of 77 in Cincy cause I went to Paris Island, now to see that I had a second chance I was at Pendelton from June 21 to July 21 of 77. I wish I knew, what I would have given to have seen that, amazing video. Then and always Led Zeppelin is no. 1

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