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Achilles Last Stand (Live 1977)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:24pm


Led Zeppelin video collage of "Achilles Last Stand", from L.A. June 23, 1977.

Concert info:


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franz's picture

simplemente...........the best group ever!!!!!!!!!!

Cannon's picture

One of The greatest Led Zeppelin Songs Ever Written right next to For Your Life and Bron Yr Aur Stomp Thank You Zeppelin for blessing us with this great beautiful music

Camilos's picture

John Bonham!!! DO NOT FORGET JOHN HENRY BONHAM He was and still is the best drummer in the world!!!

thunderstick's picture

for queen and country.l/z always will rule

Karin's picture

Led Zeppelin are the gods of Rock and Roll!!!

Name Pete's picture

Wow is it still rocks.
It starts of like page and plants definative work
But once again john bonham's workmanlike style ties the performance together into the master work of the kings of rock.

Jason Canary's picture

OMG> I was at this show. My favorite Zep song. Too cool.

Greg Hartshorne's picture

This is honeslty one of the best vidoes I've ever seen with Led Zeppelin. I own two of there DVDs and I really wish'd that this version of Achilles Last Stand was on one of them. (Led Zeppelin DVD & The Song Remains The Same) both of them are great.

Dorian Clark's picture

Wow is right! I was THERE!!!!! But I'm pretty sure it was June 26th. I'm not certain though.
LED ZEPPELIN ROCKS THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JDC's picture

Incredible performance and video of Achilles Last Stand Thanks to Zep for sharing this!

Cherry's picture

Its Like Page Makes Love To That Very Lucky Guitar!! xD
Zeppelin For Life!

teri lea Name's picture

if you can only stand one more time this my friends is how it is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mehrdad's picture

achilis last stand is wonderful and revelutionary song for all times.
jimmi is gennius and robert is god

Terese Hewitt's picture

Does anybody know if there is any footage of the infamous Tempe show I would like to see it.

al's picture

Greatest song live ever

Jimmy Crumb's picture

they are the greatest band ever. The music is priceless..

Rob T.'s picture

I am pleased that Mr.Page and company have finally dug through the vaults and given us all what we have waited so long for...Thank you sir...regards

Zepper18's picture

That was the most amazing vid ever

israel's picture

adoro a Led Zeppelin, dioses del rock
pero particularmente esta cancion me remonta a recuerdos vagos de un desliz
de un viaje
esta cancion me lleva a lugares que no conozco en persona, pero sin embargo mi mente ya estuvo alli

una palabra la define


maestros me quito el sombrero, son grandes

Hamish's picture

yep,jimmy is god,my 4 yr old daughter knows zep off by heart,always asks me to put it on in car and says she wants to play like jimmy!think im doin a good job there!she can do all the moves with a tennis racket.footage great by the way!

TOM H's picture


Led Zep Chick's picture

Incredible, as always! Musical genius that I'm glad and grateful we got to experience and appreciate. ALL FANTASTIC MUSICIANS that we'll love forever. Achilles Last Stand is such an intricately complicated piece of music that could never be performed by any other group. Truly unique.

D. Hawthorne's picture

It still gives me goose bumps, kick butt video thank you!!

Ian2120's picture

This has to be one of my favorite Zep songs, and has one of the coolest endings in Rock 'n' Roll History.

Anu's picture

Greatest Band Ever

T. Westbrook's picture

Awesome. Outstanding editing. Compiling all the fragments of performances must have been a daunting task, but this illustrates for all how devastating LZ was in concert. This song is one of their masterpieces. I am reminded of why I am such a fan, still blown away by these guys!

itsallmyfault's picture

I was 15 when they played this show but did manage to see Page and Plant together later in my life. Alas after seeing this I now know I missed so much more of what they were. To this day I am amazed that this was just a 4 piece band. The power of the drums and guitars is mind blowing and Robert has always been one of my hero's with his numbing vocals and heart felt screams.
Hats off to you Zed Zeppelin!

Name's picture

best band ever they have got me through depressed times with there music.
god bless,

LZ's picture

great video.

i like the version from seattle.

Namepointes's picture



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