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April 17, 1970


  • April 17, 1970
    Led Zeppelin Given Keys to City & made Honorary Citizens of Memphis

    While in Memphis, Tennessee for their appearance at the Mid-South Coliseum, the band is awarded Keys to the City and made honorary citizens.


    City of Memphis

    Certificate of Honorary Citizenship
    The City of Memphis, Tennessee
    Proudly confers on
    The Led Zeppelin
    The title of
    Honorary Citizens

    With all rights and privileges extended to a citizen of the City of Memphis, Tennessee within the laws and regulations governing said City of Memphis.

    In witness whereof the City of Memphis, Tennessee has caused this certificate to be sealed by its Mayor, this sixth day of April, 1970.

    Signed: Henry Loeb


April 17, 1970
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Led Zeppelin Given Keys to City & made Honorary Citizens of Memphis

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