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LA '77 ad (original dates)

The Forum - June 21, 1977
The Forum - June 22, 1977
The Forum - June 23, 1977
The Forum - June 25, 1977
The Forum - June 26, 1977
The Forum - June 27, 1977
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Gary Bauer's picture

I was at this epic show and recently released a recording of it known as Listen To this Erik. It's been mastered and released as well as released in Japan with parts of Listen To This Eddie filling in the missing parts. The show was incredible. Best show by anyone I've ever seen. My memories of the show are vivid as I started listening to it immediately after the show. My recording has much more of the atmosphere than the Eddie recording. The crowd was insane and the band fed off of that. I always remember the crowd exploding in ecstasy when they launched Rock and Roll from Whole Lotta Love. You can't really hear that in the Eddie recording but I'll never forget.  When Jimmy starts his solo for Stairway he started by facing Bonzo and then just as he launches the solo he came strolling out from the drum kit. I can still close my eyes and remember it whenever I listen to the recording. The fog during No Quarter, finding Bonzo's missing cymbal, the mirror ball the rotated at the audience instead of around during the instrumental on Kashmir (you can hear the crowd react on my recording), so many great memories of the show. Unfortunately, the namesake of my recording-Erik, didn't remember anything about the show because we was to wasted. All he remembered was having a good time! Best show ever!

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