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Australia 1972 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on December 29, 2008 - 11:24am


Pre-show 8mm film footage of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.


Is Mobile Content: 
Showground - February 27, 1972
Video Timeline: 


Tim's picture

First time I heard any of the Led Zep IV set was live in Melbourne. Took my head off. At the peak of their form - they just delivered.

Hori's picture

The 1972 Led Zeppelin concert was held at the Sydney Show ground on the cricket ground.not at Randwick race course

Ananara's picture

I was was Amazing..we ran past the barricades as soon as Robert Plant started dress got torn..I was in heaven..still remember the beautiful vest that he wore. The front page of the paper the next Day said that he had caused a riot ..the truth was we were just all very excited...A Beautiful Memory in Time


Greg Evans's picture

Great snippet of 8mm.
It is however only Kooyong footage, not Sydney. Love the cars of the day on the road outside and Rusty with his big grin.

Craig Fawcett's picture

Yep was there great stuff still luv this group have on my 3mp player there stuff sounds as good as it did in the 70s,,,,,keep on rocking......

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