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Australia 1972 (Immigrant Song)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:22pm


Led Zeppelin 8mm footage in Sydney, Australia 1972 (audio from 'How The West Was Won'). From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Showground - February 27, 1972
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Bill Werdmuller's picture

I remember the concert oh so well! Three of us were running a little late as we couldn't find a parking spot. We started coming through the SCG stand tunnel when the Immigaration Song started playing. When we got through, we looked up at the unbelievably packed grandstand and figured there was no way we would get into the grandstand. A quick glance at each other and we knew what we needed to do. We were the first ones to jump the fence and get the best seat in the house. Had no idea that thousands would follow us! What a concert! By far the best I've ever seen!

George 's picture

Sydney has a special place in my heart,best concert i have been to.

Deb Hunter's picture

Seeing Led Zep was certainly the best experience of my life. I saw Pink Floyd, Yes and Jethro Tull. But Led Zep was raw, ground breaking and absolutely totally a full mind and body experience. The sound system was unbelievable, and their music was better than on the records once the mixing was sorted out. Am I the only one? or is my memory correct tat they arrived on the Randwick Racecourse in a coach drawn by four white horses? Anyway I have no doubt that great handfulls of joints were thrown into the crowd, because I was there in the front. The cops tried to pounce couldn't even get into the crowd, and so soon there was that sweet smell.

The highlight for me was not the opening, but Whole Lotta Love. I thought the bass was going to thump my body apart. It was felt; the whole concert was felt. None of us had hi fis that could feel bass (and drums) like that. Zep were bettyer than Floyd, but Floyd was the only similar body concert.

Thomas J Houghton Sr's picture

Never was there a GREATER band than these MONSTERS here!!!!
Now get back with the boys Robert,Jimmy has all new material and it's time to get a groovin!!

Fari's picture

I was there at the front!!!!! great concert

Buddy H's picture

The best group there was, is & ever will be!!!!!

AlexRus's picture

I'm sure the audio is from how the west was won. Just compare.

NORM's picture


Jodie Farce's picture

OMFG- prime footage, from the gods of rock - this is the essence of rock!!

kyle pickett's picture

30 year fan and there music still moves me!

antoo 's picture

so fuckin' awesome video .
love you guys =)

Gary Hobbs's picture


Great show

pedro's picture

led zeppelin its the best band of word

Samantha's picture

I would give anything to have been alive back then and seen them in concert! Led Zeppelin, please tour again so that I can die a happy gal!

C Miller's picture

Seeing LED ZEPPLIN live in Sydney in 1972 was the most defining moment in my life...

mick coyle 's picture

Had the best years of my life driveing around belting out zep with the girls thank you

George's picture

Great version of this song!! love it!! After all these years Led Zeppelin's music still gives me a RUSH!

Namemick coyle's picture

thanks for musiç girls and the best time of my life

Nick's picture

Just before my aunty bday an awsome event!

andrew johnson's picture

the sound is perfect on this, the green sparkle drum kit [speaking as a drummer] is great, put Bonham behind it and we get perfection. bring back the old stlye rock, pure energy from Zep.

daniel's picture

son los mejores de la historia del rock amo su musica gracias por todo ese rock en mis borrachera bye

dixon's picture

this audio shows they had their music down to a science with a soul. thank you led zeppelin. rip john henry.....

delorean's picture

how great is Bonham? How great is Page?

stellar classic...thank you for having this kind of awesome footage of these amazing musicians!

Linda Walker's picture

Thankyou: so good to revisit that day. The Immigrant song was first. We waited an extra hour to get into the showground. For the first tme since the war years we gained an extra hour of sunlight that Sunday back in '72. Unlike Led Zep, daylight saving has returned to Sydney each year. I was 15. My girlfriend and I would have been ring-side without the extra hour. We'd left home at dawn.
When the band started up and the audience cascaded over the boundary I was awestruck at the visible vibration of coke cans on the asphalt. Why would I want to move any closer to those thumpin great decibels... I could see a lot better in those days and I can still hear. In truth I carried regret for resisting the urge to join in the cascade: that passed. The pleasure of seeing and joy of soaring with Led Zeppelin remains. The best live act I've been to was also the first.

yio's picture

excellent lyrics,the best instrumental work

Jose Pablo's picture

Good song and great Band I've ever heard,listened and more...
Immigrant song,i'm coming!!!!

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Colin Mackay's picture

Timeless! The "BEST" live Rep of Zep "tearing and wear" us a new one of this song ever caught!!!!!!!!

Kevin Dunkley's picture

Wow, thanks for posting. Saw the in Auckland on that tour and this clip just reminds me that it was the best concert I've ever seen

William's picture

One of the greatest rock bands ever....


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