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Charlotte 1970 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on October 20, 2009 - 3:20pm


8mm fan footage featuring Led Zeppelin performing in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 7, 1970. Though the footage is somewhat dark and underexposed, this version is a new (Oct. 2009) digital transfer from the original reel. (Dubbed audio from the next night in Raleigh)

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Charlotte Coliseum - April 7, 1970
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ROBIN's picture

A Amazing show but I'm not going to tell my age now... Great Great Show

David's picture

15 years old and trippn' on acid, fantastic!

Tim's picture

It was my first concert.  I was there and 12 years old. I took the girl next door.  We kissed when we got home and I asked her to "go with me".  She agreed and we dated for 10 years.  I am 55 now and still remember it like it was yesterday.  The glory days!

Webber's picture

It's called ''What is and What Should Never Be''
from the album 'Led Zeppelin II'

mary hughes's picture

love the trains and ride to the show...

Rob Horner's picture

Thanks for sharing this footage. I enjoyed it!

John Bultmann's picture

I was at this concert. I was 14. It was my very first concert and I will never, never forget it. -Johnny B.

gerald mccraw's picture

was there and enjoyed

oliveira's picture

Ouvindo essa batida, o espirito acalma e o corpo pula em extase total!!!!

Chad M Hintze's picture

Wow growing up listening to the Zepp and experimenting with life, if it is to be called that. The flick " it may get loud" has just inspired me to go out and pick up a few cd's and turn it up. Just as long as I stay out of the basement. I have kids now LOL

Serena's picture

what is this song called? i love it, just forgot the title.

alex brunner's picture

this has got 2 b the best band in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex Gaskins's picture

Attended Dorton Arena show in Raleigh the night after - April 8, 1970; 11 yo. Blown astray.

aazar's picture

the song you are asking about is called what is and what should never be; from Led Zep ll

richard hooper's picture

bought this time i was buying their bootlegs,orange album-plant tells crowd that jimmy broke his finger,and played a wonderful"heartbraker"solo w/two fingers.i had about 4/6 bootleg albums and all but one were great,,,,...!!!

Magaia's picture

What Is and What Should Never Be from Led Zepp II. I actually asked my English teacher in 1975 in Maputo, Mozambique, what the title meant in Portuguese. I loved the track so much. My claim to fame is meeting and taking a photo with John Paul Jones in Exeter in 1988-9. He was a member of the jury in the regional finals of young bands contest. I remember the winner got to play at the Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1.

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