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Milan, Italy July 5, 1971 8mm

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on June 10, 2014 - 10:00am


Rare 8mm silent fan footage from Milan, Italy 1971

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Vigorelli Velodrome - July 5, 1971
Video Timeline: 


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Although I was one of the many who got wet at the Led Zeppelin Tampa Concert in 1977, I was so Glad to see the video of the return to Tampa of Led Zeppelin 'Celibration Day '. Thank you Led Zeppelin and Crew... And thank You Jimmy Page for doing what you said on the rainy day in tampa Stadium, when, as I recall it, after about 45 minutes of heavy downpours I remember Jimmy saying, " We've got to take a little break, we will be back " ... Shame the rain and the riot and the govenor and everything, but what a short show and sorry the rain had to make it such a mess, not my fault, but what a great show, almost like listening to an album with no flip side. And though Tampa Stadium was the second Led Zeppelin show I tried to see which was canceled, There is no Question, Led Zeppelin will always be the GODS of Rock and Roll.... Thanks for such a Great Earful..., And Thanks also to Jason for filling in. And Thank youLed Zeppelin for allowing me to take what few Photographs of the show with John on the Drums... they will always be prised possessions of mine. Thanks Again... TO THE GODS OF ROCK AND ROLL.......

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This is awesome - LOVE IT!

luigi's picture

con questo mio filmato credo di aver fatto un bel regalo al mondo ...Zeppelin..

Cesar's picture

Reglas Zeppelin!

alberto lo giudice's picture

thank you +++++++++++++++++++++

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