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San Bernardino 1972

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on April 17, 2008 - 11:46am


Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in San Bernardino 1972

Concert info:

Is Mobile Content: 
Swing Auditorium - June 22, 1972
Video Timeline: 


Sean Siegrist's picture

I was here and this remains my MOST memorable concert ever. Is there a whole video of this performance?

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george's picture

can't get any better than this****

Brian's picture

It was great to finally see the crunge. Now I can do the dance, too!

Ace 's picture

a cropduster crashed into the swing auditorium in 1981.
the swing was demolished sometimes shortly afterward.

peter furyk's picture

big fan
jimmy lets grove together please dvd pete

Frank's picture

Where was this footage found? This is great! I was at this concert, in the front row, right in front of Jimmy Page the entire show. This San Bernardino show was on a Thurs night....I was at the LA Forum the following Sunday when Zep played again. What a great weekend that was. Thanks for finding this!

Jason's picture

Wish I could have been there, I was only 2 years old at the time. I remember driving by The Swing with my mother and saw first hand the damage the plane caused. If memory serves right the plane was still resting on top. Later when I was older I got to see Page & Plant at the Hollywood Bowl, with mom believe it or not. I loved it! I wish the guys/Led Zeppelin would get something going soon. I really want to see them as I'm sure a good portion of the mother earth would. Please guy's come out and play!?

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Jimmy, you're the man ............... that up and down the neck while you're holding the guitar above you're head. I'm 38 years old and I still think you guys are the best that ever was.

Daniel Bollinger

Michael 's picture

is there going to be a dvd of all these lost performance cause they should release these ones from 1972 and 1977 and 1975 also they should make a earls court conceret cd from the three May nights. dubble case cd from 1975 and mabey a second maddison square garden one from 1977 thanks so much led zeppelin Rocks and it will continue to be number one for a life time !! name's picture

led zeppelin was 1 of a kind! a gift from the gods!! PLEASE come out & tour the u.s.!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO LOS ANGELES!!!!??? i been a major fan since i was 13!! & im 45 now now & STILL love the songs!!! COME ON PAGE....... LET IT ROCK!!!!!

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Actually it was not a cropduster that crashed into the Swing Auditorium but a small private plane that I believe carried the owner of the "Don Jose" Mexican restaurant chain.

REKASI's picture

They missed the best part of the solo........still great.

Sean Siegrist's picture

Ha, great to see this. I was at this concert. A seminal point in my life. My friend and I were unable to hear for several days (the Swing let you stand right in front of the stege); however, it was well worth the experience. Is it possible that the ENTIRE concert was filmed? If so, how might one obtain a copy?

Take care all...

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oh my fu-ken GOD its like watching god being reborn.......... only better

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